You can play a very important role in Festival On The Hill by becoming a sponsor at one of three different levels. The three different sponsor levels are:

  • Corporate Level — this is the highest sponsor level and your company will enjoy a full promotion and advertising package that consists of 1) VIP concert seating; 2) corporate banner; 3) enhanced web exposure; 4) company name on Sponsor Board; 5) company name on flyers; 6) 10 Admission & Beverage tickets. This sponsor level starts at $1,000.
  • Professional Level — this sponsor level includes 1) enhanced web exposure; 2) name on Sponsor Board; 3) name on flyers; 4) 8 Admission tickets. This level starts at $500.
  • Patron Level — the value at this level provides web exposure, the patron name recognition on flyers plus 4 Admission tickets. The Patron sponsor level starts at $100.

Please consider becoming a 2018 Sponsor of Festival On The Hill by completing the following form and sending it along with a check payable to “Masonic Temple Association-Special Events” to 2018 Festival On The Hill, 525 W. Riverview Avenue, Dayton Ohio 45405. You may also call the Festival On The Hill Office, 937.222.9103, and ask to become a sponsor.

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